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[Free equipment storage service]
We will store your equipment and suits free of charge from one week before you participate in a fun dive tour or step-up course until two weeks after the end of the tour. If there are less than three weeks until your next tour, we will continue to store your equipment. *1 We will not clean or dry your equipment. *2 If the storage period has passed, a day-trip gear cloakroom fee (100 yen/day/equipment or suit) will be charged.

[Gear Cloakroom] *Charged We will store your diving equipment at the Current Blue Gear Cloakroom. We will dry it after use and check its operation before the tour, so you can rest assured! If any trouble occurs during the operation check, we will carry out maintenance free of charge, with the exception of some complicated work. We also provide a delivery service to your home or domestic resort.

Full gear: 1,600 yen/month (excluding tax) Suit: 800 yen/month (excluding tax)

*If you purchase equipment from us, we will store it for free for one year.

* One-year contract until March (prorated if contract is made midway through the year).
*If replacement parts are required during maintenance, actual costs will be charged.
*We will accept up to one set of gear (up to two masks, fins, and gloves each) and one suit.
*The equipment will be dried and stored after use, and its operation will be checked the day before the tour departs.
*We also offer delivery services to homes and domestic resorts.

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