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Staff recruitment

You only have one life,

I want to do what I love as a job!!!

Filled with such thoughts,

We are looking for cheerful and fun people who love the ocean.

Required Qualifications

PADI Instructor

Recruitment details


People who love the sea!

People who love diving !

Always a cheerful and energetic person

Would you like to work with us?

We will provide thorough instruction, guidance, gear maintenance, planning, sales, arrangements, and all other duties until you are able to work independently. The pool facilities are available for free use for training. Those who already have PADI Divemaster qualifications should contact us first. There is a preferential treatment system for those who wish to step up to the instructor level. A love of the ocean is a prerequisite!!

For inquiries regarding staff recruitment, please contact Mr. Ogawa.

Please call the store (📞 047-441-6800 ) or the staff mobile phone (📱 090-2630-3800 ).

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