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[Car No. 1]


Vehicle model: TOYOTA Hiace Commuter

Engine: 3000cc diesel turbo

Passenger capacity: 10 people

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (14).jpg

Equipped with a 3000cc diesel turbo engine. Although it is a diesel, it is quiet and comfortable to drive. The powerful turbo engine runs smoothly even when fully loaded with equipment.

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (1).jpg

The interior of the vehicle is covered with flooring, so you can take off your shoes and relax! You can relax before and after diving, so you can concentrate on diving. It's also good from a hygiene standpoint.

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (13).jpg

This seat has been specially designed to recline deeper than normal seats. When traveling with a small number of people, you can recline the seat and relax.


Wi-Fi is available!

The train is equipped with Wi-Fi, so anyone with a wireless LAN-compatible device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet can freely access the Internet while on board.

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (2).jpg

If you request it for a small group tour, we can prepare a table for you. How about teleworking in the car on the way there and back?

hiace portable power supply.jpg

Equipped with a large capacity portable power source!

Equipped with a large-capacity portable power source of 384000mAh/1229Wh, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from charging smartphones to rice cookers and electric kettles.

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (6).jpg

It is equipped with a large roof rack measuring 3.2m x 1.4m, so you can easily load large luggage such as caster bags. You can also bring other recreational equipment such as BBQ tours and camping tours.

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (4).jpg

Depending on the situation, a large cargo rack with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and inner carrier dimensions of 460 mm x 1460 mm can be installed on the rear. When the cargo rack is not in use, a hitch member can also be installed, making it possible to tow a trailer, etc.

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (8).jpg

A 3.5m long side awning is attached to the sliding door side. If it rains and there is space on the sliding door side, the side awning can be deployed, allowing you to set up your equipment without getting wet.

hiace equipment maintenance.jpg

Designated mobile maintenance vehicle!

Specialized tools are also installed so that any trouble with the equipment can be dealt with immediately. From minor maintenance to overhaul-level maintenance, we can handle it right on site.

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (9).jpg

When boarding, please remove your shoes on the side step before entering the vehicle.

Current Blue Hiace Introduction (10).jpg

There is a shoe rack behind the passenger seat. Please store your shoes there.

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