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PADI Advanced Overwater Diver Course
3 beaches & 2 boats to hone your skills to adapt to various diving styles. Standard qualification for enjoying diving in the oceans of the world . You can start from home study with e-learning, so you can start from the day you think.

Course Fee
(15th Anniversary Campaign Price)

63,000 yen (tax included)
There is no fare difference for each person!
In addition, equipment and suit rental is free!
Limited to the first 10 people.

What is included in the course fee?

✔PADI Advanced Course Fee
✔Marine training fee (3 beaches + 2 boats)
✔Facility, boat, tank and weight usage fees
✔ Teaching materials fee (e-learning or manual can be freely selected)
✔Facility usage fee
✔Tank weight usage fee
✔Card application fee
✔ Application photo

What is not included in the course fee

✔ Meal fee
✔Equipment and suit rental fee

days required

2 days (day trip)
3 beach training dives x 1 day
2 boat training dives x 1 day

Sample Schedule

Day 1 (Beach Diving)

Dive 1 Peak Performance Buoyancy (Neutral Buoyancy)

Dive 2 Drysuit (can be changed to other adventure dives)

Dive 3 Underwater Navigation

Day 2

Dive 1 Deep

Dive 2 Boat

Conditions for participation

10 years old or older (*If you are a minor, a guardian's signature is required.)

PADI OW Diver or above, or equivalent C card holder from other organizations

how to apply

First, please visit our store or contact us by phone, email, or LINE and we will explain the process to you. When you apply, please pay a deposit of 20,000 yen (bank transfer is acceptable). After you have paid the application fee, we will give you or send you a set of study materials. For e-learning, we will send you a code. After obtaining the study materials, please study on your own. Please pay the remaining fee of 43,000 yen (tax included) by the first day of your marine training.

※If you would like to transfer the money, please do so here.

We also offer a free plan that allows you to take courses at your favorite dive points and with the content you want (such as one training dive per day).

✔Free plan course fee: 27,500 (tax included)

✔Application fee: 7,183 yen (tax included)

✔ Cost of materials (for paper manual): 8,633 yen (tax included)

✔ Cost of materials (e-learning): 18,900 yen (tax included)

*For e-learning, the price includes the application fee.

✔Marine training fee: Separate depending on the venue

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