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Departure information sample

The day before departure, at around 5pm, we will send the following departure information to your registered LINE or email address. Please register for LINE here . Once you have registered and sent a message, you will be able to receive messages from Current Blue. *If you only register, you will not be able to receive messages from Current Blue.

[Departure information]

Hello everyone 😊
It's Current Blue 🙌

This is the departure information for the ○○ tour!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us ☎📧

Please be sure to fill in 【Important ①】 and 【Important ②】.

In addition, please be sure to read the departure information to the end.

If you are participating for the first time this year, please fill out the form below.
*If you have already entered information on the website, you do not need to enter it.

Please be sure to submit the pre-dive health checklist from the link below before arriving on the day of your participation.

※About the health checklist↓↓↓

XX Tour

[Tour cost]
(Price excluding tax) Yen
(Price including tax) Yen

[Optional Dive]
(Price excluding tax) Yen
(Price including tax) Yen *Only for those who wish to purchase

[Single charge]
(Price excluding tax) Yen
(Price including tax) Yen

Please contact us if you would like to rent equipment.

*Please be sure to bring a float and whistle for boat dives. *Please read the 7 rules for safe diving and keep safety in mind.

[Payment method]
Cash, PayPay, bank transfer

[Staff in charge]

[Vehicle used]

[Participating divers]

[Departure location/time]
Hokuso Shirai Hospital/
Current Blue/---
Nishi-Funabashi Station/---
Ichikawa Station South Exit/
Kinshicho Station/---
Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit/---
Departure location↓↓↓ Departure location and time
※If you do not arrive at the first pickup location by the scheduled time, please call the 【emergency contact number on the day】📲

Please let us know your preferred departure location 🚌
Please check the "Meeting Location" on the Diving Tour page.
* Arrival times may vary slightly.

[Emergency contact information on the day]
JUMPEI 090-2630-3800
ACHAN 05035956800

*On the day of departure, we will only respond by phone. *We cannot respond via LINE or email.

[Expected conditions]
Weather forecast/
Expected maximum temperature/
Expected winds/
Estimated water temperature/
high tide/
Low tide/

[About the equipment we are storing]
If you are not using the Gear Cloakroom Service and would like to temporarily store your equipment, please let us know the details of the items.

[Weather Information]
※For WINDY weather information, click here↓
Windy Link *For coastal wave forecast, click here↓
※For ocean current information, click here.
※Tide information is here↓

※Current Blue Tour Schedule↓
※Current Blue Link↓

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