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MINI Pool Junior

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Current Blue's pride and joy, the mini pool "Junior-kun," is a small and reliable pool with a diameter of 2m and a depth of 1m, so it is deep enough for you to stand up in. Compared to the indoor main pool (2.3m deep), it is smaller and shallower, so anyone can experience scuba diving with peace of mind.

Although there are areas in indoor pools that are deep enough to stand up, if there are areas nearby that are too deep to stand up in, it can be a little scary at first. In that case, you can practice freely with Junior until you gain confidence.

Even one minute longer

Staying underwater

​When you put on diving equipment and dive into the underwater world for the first time, everyone will feel anxious at first. In order to eliminate such anxiety and to improve your skill proficiency, Current Blue believes that it is important to stay underwater for even one minute longer. Even if you do nothing, just breathing underwater in a shallow pool while standing up, you will unknowingly get used to being underwater and breathing, which will help you acquire various skills.

Just a little bit more,

I want to practice

If you feel that way, jump into Junior's group where you won't be disturbed by anyone and practice at your own pace. That "just a little bit more" will surely make your diver's life safer and more enjoyable!

No waves, so it's safe

Bubbly experience

Trial diving in the ocean is definitely more fun! That's for sure. However, I think many people are a little worried about suddenly going underwater in a place with waves, mixed in with a lot of people whose names and faces they don't know. With Junior-kun, there are no waves or currents at all (lol). It may be reassuring to experience your first scuba diving with Junior-kun before your trial dive in the ocean.

Whenever you want

"Let's Dive❣"

Please feel free to come anytime. If you make a reservation one hour in advance, anyone can "Let's dive❣" at any time. You can stay in the water for up to two hours during business hours! It will surely be useful for eliminating anxiety, acquiring new skills, and practicing demonstrations for those aiming to become professionals. Don't underestimate Junior-kun, please make good use of it!

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