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Diving shops and instructors

Facility Use Information

Dive shops and freelance instructors can rent out the facilities of our dive center exclusively. Please feel free to use them for schools, trial programs, diving equipment checks, and other training dives. Facility tours and inspection dives are also available. Please feel free to contact us first to find out how to use the facility, fees, etc.

Indoor limited water area

It is 5m long x 3.5m wide x 2.1-2.2m deep and can accommodate up to 4 people. There are mirrors so you can check your skills and posture.

You can rent the facility completely for your own use. We can hold everything from trial programs to professional courses.

Company pool Divemaster course Ichikawa City Diving instructor course Ichikawa City Narita City (1).jpg

Training bar

This training bar is perfect for practicing fin kicks. Up to two people can use it at a time.

You can adjust the load by changing the weight on the bar. There is a mirror so you can check how you are doing your kick.

Diving fin kick practice.jpg

Rental equipment and suits

We have equipment (light and heavy), suits (dry and wet), and underwater scooters available for rental.

We have a variety of sizes available, so we can also accommodate your needs if you require rental equipment.

Rental dry suit.jpg

Outdoor limited water area

It is circular, 3m in diameter and 0.75m deep, and can accommodate up to two people kneeling facing each other. It is located in front of the indoor restricted water area facility.

Its compact size and shallow standing depth make it safe for use in programs for small children.

Outdoor pool junior-kun.jpg

Rest area

A rest area equipped with a whiteboard. It can also be used as a lecture space.

It is located in the same facility as the indoor limited water area. Tables can also be provided. Microwaves and electric kettles are also available.

Pool lesson 1.jpg

Night Dive Training

Indoor confined water areas can block out outside light even during the day, recreating an environment similar to that of a night dive.

It can be used to test underwater lights or as a pre-dive before your first night dive.

Pool Night Diving.jpg

For inquiries, please contact Ogawa or Sudo.

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