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Specialty Courses

If you want to have fun, then you need to improve first! Use the school effectively to improve your skills efficiently.

Specialty courses allow you to broaden the scope of your experience and enjoyment by acquiring know-how on how to do basic diving in a specific field (such as deep diving or boat diving) that you have not yet experienced, (planning, etiquette, and how to prevent trouble), or how to use equipment that you have never used before (such as dry suits, underwater scooters, underwater cameras, etc.).

Although it is called "Special", it does not mean that we are training specialists. You will be able to apply the knowledge and skills you have learned in the course in a specific (special) field and dive safely and enjoyably within the scope of your training and experience.

The adventure dives in the Adventure Diver Course and Advanced Open Water Diver Course allow you to experience and try out a specific type of diving, but the Specialty Course goes beyond that and aims to make you an independent diver in that specific field.

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